What happened September 1913?

This was the month that Alan Ladd, the actor was born who died in 1964.  It was also the month when the athlete Jessie Owens of Berlin Olympic Games fame was born.  He died in 1980.  In this September George Bernard Shaw was at the height of his fame.  The Treaty of Constantinople was signed in Istanbul between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria.  Neither the lst World War or the 2nd had happened. How long ago it all seems!

More importantly September 1913 was the month my friend Vi Taylor was born; she is still going strong.  A group of fellow writers celebrated her birthday in her lovely stone cottage with the most stunning view of Blencathra and Sharp Edge.  As we watched the clouds cast a myria patterns on the landscape.  No wonder she is still going strong.  Vi’s memory is remarkable and she is writes in her own individual and easily reconisable style.

As we all celebrated we didn’t look back, we looked forward; Vi is so interested in everything and everybody.  I think she’s trying to outlive her seventeenth century cottage.

Carol, the young