The Lindisfarne Gospels

Usually found in the British Libruary in London, this illuminated manuscript gospel book is residing in Durham Cathebral until the end of September.  Produced about 715 AD, it was possibly produced as homage to St Cuthbert.  The work was done in a monastry off the Northumberland coast at Lindisfarne, hence the name.

The Christian manuscript contains the gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John and the life and teaching of Jesus and was used for ceremonial purposes to promote the Christian religion.

I don’t usually blog about what I haven’t done, but my friend and I were hoping to travel eastwards to see these gospels.  Unfortunately there were not many days when we were both free and because the viewing was so popular, we couldn’t get a booking at a reasonable time.  Arriving back in Carlisle at 11 or 12, even if we managed to catch that particular train just wasn’t on.  British Museum here I come.

Carol, the non-traveller.