We’ve just had another meeting of the Carlisle Christian Writers and two records were broken.  The first half of our meeting was held in the sunny garden.  (This is the end of September!!) and we had the hightest number present for any September meeting.

What a meeting it was!  We celebrated the Poetry Reading Evening that John had held for his new Poetry book and noted that Barbara will be doing a book signing for her new book in the local library.  What a talented lot we are!

‘Outside the Box’ was our homework.  One member pointed out that God often worked O.T. B.  When the Israelites had to cross the Red Sea, they could have used hundred of boats, gone round the top or swum.  But God solved the problem in a unique way (also dispatching the Egyptians)

The Israelite needed to beseige Jericho.  They didn’t do it with catapults, javalins, or starvation.  God did it with a walk and a shout!

When the Israelites needed to finish the battle with the Amorites and the time ran out, God made the sun stand still for 24 hours.

You beat that sort of God.

Carol, who often only thinks inside the box.