Carlisle Christian Writers

We had an especially blessed time at our latest meeting of the Carlisle Christian Writers.  We had a visit from Sarah who completely inspired us as she explained in the numerous writing projects she is involved in.  It quite took our breath away and we looked to ourselves to wonder where we could expand our work.

The homework which had been set was ‘Hospitals’.  As a number of us had been nurses or were now hospital visitors, the contributions were meaningful and thought provoking.  One member gave us a beautifully crafted poem  about the silence of the hospital atrium at night.  Hope and dispair, quietness and emptiness stalk the corridors.  In a completely different mood one member read his children’s story about an animal hospital where sick insects were healed.  Beetles, centipedes, dragonflies and many others received healing, compassion or brusqueness.  Just like a human hospital really.

One ex nurse remembered her final words of witness to a dying man while another recalled a very young couple expecting their first baby in the 50’s having had no anti-natal care.

All exciting stuff.  I wish you could have heard it all.

Carol, a hospital visitor