Christmas 2013

As I thought about this blog I realise that there is nothing I can write about this season which hasn’t been written before.  In spite of continual persecution, Communism, atrocities and calling it a Winter Festival, the truth of the gospel message has survived.  No mere man can extinguish it; it must be of God.

The cry from everyone today is that Christmas is too commercial; it leaves our pockets empty and our hearts heavy.  Yes, that sort of Christmas does.

I am fortunate that I can tell a few people what Christmas is truly about – the patients in the hospital, if they wish to hear, the children in the homeless hostel (Jesus was homeless) and singing carols for those in special care (and you, of course)

The truth is there fore those who will hear, like the shepherds and the kings.  Jesus came to this earth as a baby, grew up, was martyred so that we could be forgiven for out sins.

Carol, the answer is in the name