From Jute to Jungle – instalment 5

Mary felt called to be a missionary in Calabar, an area which is now West Nigeria.  Her first impressions of the country were vivid.

As Mary gazed in front of her she spied dozens of mud huts with what seemed like thatched roofs whose palm fronds quivered in the breeze.  Long legged cranes and pelicans eyed the passengers warily while man-eating crocodiles slid off their mud-banks in the murky water.

Suddenly Mary screamed ‘What’s that?’ she stammered  as she saw a six foot long snake beast slithering along the slipway.

‘It’s only a monitor lizard,’ a sailor informed.

This was only the beginning of her adventures; she soon faced heathen warriors intent on harming her, killers of baby twins who thought the babies were devil controlled, ritual killing of widows and slaves as well as the other hazards of the jungle.

To read more go to Amazon – From Jute to Jungle – Carol Purves.  I trust you will have a good read and realize again the power and dominion of God.