Race for Life

2,500 pink ladies ran, jogged or walked 5 or 10 km in memory of loved ones who had died of cancer.  The same scene has taken place this summer in many towns throughout Great Britain. This year I joined our local race in memory of many friends and to give thanks to being a cancer survivor and having a leg by-pass operation.

Dog walkers and pram pushers also joined the group. It was an emotional morning just seeing the people there.  Many teenagers were remembering grand parents which was not surprising. Others were running in memory of a father or mother. That was upsetting.

The most emotional sight was a young man clutching the hand of a young child as they jogged. I imagined they were there in memory of a wife and mother. I can only trust that large amounts of money have been raised to help wipe out this dreadful disease.

Carol, a survivor