Birds or Bedlam

It was so peaceful in my little garden. The birds were singing in the blossoming trees with a clear blue sky above. Flowers of many colours peeped out between the blooming shrubs. As I sat relaxing in my garden chair, I thought this must be ‘heaven on earth.’

Then my peace was shattered. My neighbour chose this time to cut his lawn, which upset the other neighbour’s dog and then roused all the other canine pets in the area. Their barking rivalled the lawn mower’s whine. Further down the road a pneumatic drill started up. My ‘peace on earth’ had become ‘bedlam in the garden.’ I fled indoors.

It is so good that true peace does not depend on outside influences. True and lasting peace only comes from God.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. John 14:27