Was it a waste of time?

My great nephew and niece were going to stay with me for a while. I intended that they would look back on their visit with happiness.

For days I cleaned and polished; my house would be perfect when they arrived, even if it didn’t stay that way. I had baked foods that I thought they would enjoy and also prepared special activities which would keep them happy, come wet or shine. I was prepared for every eventually.

But just hours before they came I was completely exhausted and then dreaded the time spent together because I was so tired.

In the event all they wanted to do was play in my garden. I hadn’t needed to prepare alternative exciting activities. They woofed down my carefully prepared meals but would probably have been just as happy with takeaways. Had I acted like a Martha?

How often our spiritual life like that. We are busy with meetings, committees and doing good works. Very commendable, but God wants us to spend time with Him, enjoying His company.