Nature’s Music

The concert was free; the chair comfortable; the surroundings beautiful.

I was sitting in my garden with eyes closed. A blackbird perching in the nearest chimney top sang his heart out in praise to God. The late summer leaves were rustling in harmony in the slightest of zephyr breezes. A bee or two hovered and buzzed, extracting the final drops of nectar.

For the second movement I had to listen very hard. A tiny creature or maybe an insect was collecting his lunch.

The final movement was loud and explosive. Starlings gathered along the line of my roof, chattering and screeching their intention to depart. I had to open my eyes. As one bird flew off the roof, another took his place, while those already there shuffled up to let him in. The shuffling continued as no-one was left out.

The last bar of the music was dramatic. As one, every bird flew off in the same direction. But as if to bid me goodbye, there was one last circling of beating wings.