He Forever Lives

‘In the year Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on the throne, high and exalted.’ Is 6:1 . This is what Isaiah recorded. When I read this story again, I found quite a new take on it.

There are three people in this story, Uzziah, Isaiah and God. Uzziah reigned from 792 to 749 BC, was struck down with leprosy and was leprous until he died. He has been dead for nearly 3 thousand years now.

Likewise Isaiah, was a faithful man of God and prophesied to a number of kings. There are many stories about him in the Bible and a whole book accredited to him. But he too has died.

Only one character in the story is still alive. God. The Lord alone remains. Kings may come and go; prophets die but our God goes on ‘for ever.’