Autumn Lesson

The extremely heavy wind had blown most of the leaves  off the trees. With withering leaves hurled into untidy heaps, the garden looked a mess. My bulging schedule for the day hardly allowed time to clear up.  Matters were not helped when three-year-old Lucy wanted to help me.  With little grace I found her a small broom.

After a few moments I found Lucy slowly picking up leaf after leaf and examining them minutely. Before I could remonstrate with her to get on with the job, she handed me a beautiful golden leaf.

‘Look, pretty.’ She then rushed round picking up other ‘pretty’ specimens – yellow, red, purple, pink and golden brown, tracing their shapes with her little fingers.

I stood ashamed. I’d only seen another task in a full day; she had seen the perfect hand of the creator.  Lucy had open my eyes to a loving God who has given us so much beauty.