Traffic Lights of Life

From the windows of my house I can see a set of traffic lights. Day and night they continue their routine – red, amber, green, instructing the traffic to stop, get ready to proceed and then go.

How like the way God leads us through our Christian life. At times He asks us to stop and rest, to recover from the battering life has given us.  ‘He makes me to lie down in green pastures’ Ps 23:2-3

At other times we are to recharge our batteries for the next stage of life. We have opportunity for increased Christian fellowship, more time to study His word and a possibility of adding greater depth to our prayer. ‘Put on the whole armour of God.’ Eph 6:11

Then God give us the go head to embark on some new field of service. ‘Be strong and courageous.’ Joshua 1:9

The ‘green’ periods of life are not possible without the ‘red’ and ‘amber.’