Costa Rica and Guatemala

One benefit of this pandemic is that I’ve got to know some people better. I have more friends than I had before! I have visited seventeen people’s garden and now have photos I can look at in the future. (getting a bit cold for gardens now!) I’ve been into many people’s home. (OK , I did invite myself, but they’re still my friends!) And I’ve met up with friends in cafes. (I’m quite a coffee drinker now!)

I’ve met up with friends from around the world who live locally – Scotland, Finland, Germany and now as you will see from the title, Costa Rica and Guatemala. My friends from Central America were so delightful. We looked at wedding photos and pictures of Guatemala. I mustn’t forget the spread of food also.

Of course, I hate the restrictions on my life and I grieve for so many who have died and those with long covid. But I believe these friends will remain after the virus has passed. Yes, it will pass, I don’t know when or how, we must throw ourselves on the mercy of God.