In the Bible we are often encouraged to extend hospitality to others. What could be better than sharing what we have with friend, relatives and strangers. Jesus was often able to stay with his friends where He received a warm welcome. When we welcome others into out homes it is if we are inviting Jesus.

I remember a rhyme poem book I had as a child by Joan Gale Thomas. It begins ‘If Jesus came to my house and knocked upon the door, I’m sure I’d be more happy than I’ve ever been before.” It then goes on to describe although we cannot invite Jesus into our home, we can invite others. I have my water-stained, battered copy for eight decades and think this little book has influenced my hospitality attitudes. My house was always open to passing visitors, those who stayed or those who needed prayer and comfort.

I hear you say, well you can’t have anyone to visit now. No, but there are other ways I can practise this kind of friendliness. Phone calls can comfort the lonely. A letter would be a joy to receive; the thought that someone has actually spent the time to write. Gifts left on doorsteps are another way of showing friendship. Praying with someone or for someone.

Of course, I long for the time when you can all pop in for a coffee and chat or a tea and talk. Just don’t all come on the same day, please!