The Holy Spirit

I’m really frustrated by lockdown (along with the rest of the world!) One reason is because I am no longer able to speak the few words of witness that I did in the past. No longer can I speak my holy words in a loud voice on the bus or in a queue. Now I can’t share a coffee with a friend in need. Letters and phone calls are not quite the same. I need face to face.

In my frustration I realised i don’t need to do any of these things. If God wants to get a message to the spiritually needy, He doesn’t necessarily need me. Our all-powerful God can has been running this universe for yonks. Who do I think I am?

Then I remember I still have the power of prayer. Where I can’t go, the Holy Spirit can. The people I am unable to speak with, God can. I now feel my job is to prayer for the Holy Spirit to act. I lift people up to God in my prayers, then the Holy Spirit will do its work.