Half Birthday

Am I the only person who celebrates a half birthday? That is six months from the last birthday and six months to the next one. I think it started when I was upset about being a year older, so I gave myself six months to get used to it.

So I’ve just had my half birthday. How did I celebrate? Well, I went to Morrisons, walked alone in the park and phoned a few friends, but didn’t tell them I was celebrating. They would have thought me weird.

I remember my real birthday six months ago. We were not actually in lockdown, so no rules were broken. A friend asked me if I would like to visit another friend with her. She took me in her car, that was OK then. When we got there three other of our friends were there just to celebrate my birthday. After a while three of them left and another three came. We were in the rule of six then. It was so special and memorable for me.

Now I’ve had my half birthday I wonder where we will be in August for the real birthday. Maybe I could have a gathering of one hundred people, except I haven’t got a hundred friends!