Another First

It’s a week since I had another ‘first’. I had a coffee outside a cafe in my local city with a friend. It was such a treat. Because the shops are now open there was a buzz of people around. The sun was shining and the breeze was very light. We went to a place I’d never visited before. The coffee was lovely and the staff most welcoming. (They must be desperate for custom after such a long shutdown.)

But the best thing was seeing my friend, June. It was many months since we’d met. We had telephoned but as we know that’s not the same. We had so much so say, so much news to catch up on. She has serious health problems in her family, so it was also a sad time.

I realised once again that God has made us to be in families. We are not meant to be alone as we have been so much during the last few months. Does this time make us appreciate friends and family more? I do trust so.