‘No peace for the wicked.’

The mother has returned home from her full time job to find her three teen-age youngsters bickering, arguing and demanding her attention.. Before she has had time to catch her breath and even take her coat off, her husband arrives home looking for his lunch before he goes out to his evening meeting.

She mutters not completely under her breath, ‘No peace for the wicked.’ She doesn’t realise and probably wouldn’t care that she is actually quoting the Bible. So many of the phrases that roll off our tongues in everyday life, come from the Bible.

This quote actually comes from Isaiah 48:22 and is no idle mutter. It is a threat and a promise from God that the wicked will not finally succeed in their wilful ways. Punishment and retribution are coming.

The fact that many of our phrases and quotes come from the Bible go to prove that the Bible is as relevant today as it always has been. It tells us about the very first days of the earth’s existence and continues to speak about the new heaven and the new earth when life as we know it has ceased. We ignore it at our peril.