Garden Freeze

So we can now have six people sitting in our garden. Fine, but no-one’s told the weather. There were five of us sitting in my garden. The forecast was for a storm and the local restaurant had cancelled all their bookings for that day. What a setting for my garden party!!

I placed a waterproof on each chair and then placed the chairs two metres apart. Fortunately two of the people were a couple, which helped in my small space. Then we sat with blankets on our laps and at one time two of us held up umbrellas. The two younger people were too hardy for that. There was no storm, very little rain but it was bitterly cold.

I think a great time was had by all. Soon after they had all left we had a hail storm. Perfect timing. I give thanks to God for the weather not being too bad, though I know the country is crying out for rain, just not on my garden when I’m having a party. My next party is only for two people; the forecast is for warmer weather but plenty of rain. Roll on the 17th May.