Train Journey

I’ve been on my first train journey since goodness knows when. It seemed strange and exciting. It was only an hour there and an hour back, but there were so many things so see. Rabbits, hares, sheep, lambs and deer. No that was all in my imagination. Only sheep and lambs were sighted. I got a bit carried away. But some of the line was along the coast and I saw the sea, first time this year. Looking over the water I was thinking that Ireland and Scotland were only just over the horizon. (Not in the same direction, my geography is not that bad)

Then I met up with my friend who I hadn’t seen for about 14 months. We sat and ate our lunch in a green space with only two seagulls for company. It was wonderful. We did share our crumbs with the birds. The trees were just bursting into leaf and the traffic only a distant hum. I would class it as a perfect day. We only get a few of them, so we do need to savour them.