Living near the Border

It is only during these last few months that I’ve given any thought to the fact that I live near a border. I’m nine miles from the English/Scottish border and for four months we have not been able to cross that border. It is surprising how often I’ve wanted to do business or visit friends on the other side of the divide.

My concerns are fairly small but what would it be like to have a border where you would be shot if you crossed it. Suppose your family couldn’t be reached just because they lived the other side of this barrier.

For thousands and thousands this is the life they lead. War rages in so many places, lives are being lost or ruined every day. Oh, how we and they pray for peace. We do thank God for the many acts of kindness there are within these areas. The press will only report atrocities, but that is only half the story. If everyone prayed ‘Peace in our time,’ then there would be peace for ever, because it is always ‘our time.’