New Bathroom

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is a red letter week.

I mustn’t exaggerate. Not a whole new bathroom, just changes. My bath and old shower have been removed and a wet room installed. I would call it a walk in shower, I don’t know how one can have a shower in a dry room. It wouldn’t stay dry if I started showering. But everything has new words now. I won’t start on the covid words, enough has been written about them.

Everything I keep in the bathroom I’m now looking at in a critical way. That is too old, this is too dated. So, yes, I will be spending money on bathroom accessories. But the wonderful thing is that I’ve had it done. Because of restrictions I’ve waited 15 months and had to use my third choice in the end. But now everything is working well, I’ve forgotten the troubles of the past. Like life really, the past is past and the future is yet to come.