Days Drag and Months Fly.

I had this comment from a young friend of mine in an email recently. She is under 30 and not more mature like myself, but she still felt the rushing by of time.

Do you remember being stuck in boring lessons at school, or waiting to go on that first date? The days certainly dragged then. Sitting in monotonous business meetings when the clock seemed to stand still made the days never-ending.

Yet in 2021 we are almost to the longest day. My friend presented her credit card at the till knowing it ran out at the end of May; it was then the middle of June, but she still felt in May. Where had the months gone. I remember hiking, climbing and generally rushing round having fun but I ask myself where have the years gone?

God’s idea of time is so different from ours. He has been gracious in giving time, He knows we can’t cope with eternity yet. The hymn says ‘A thousand ages in Your sight are like an evening gone.’ We have only 80 or 90 or at a stretch 100 years. God has eternity. I can’t imagine what life will be like without time. I’m looking at my watch or mobile repeatedly. There is always the next thing to be done or experienced.

I’m glad God is in control of time. I don’t want to be here for ever. The next life will be for ever. That’s OK by me.