I was reading Luke 15 again when something struck me. It is the chapter where three lost things are found. Firstly there is the lost sheep. The shepherd puts his life in danger to find that one lost sheep. I’m sure there are cases of shepherds losing their lives to rescue one sheep or lamb. When he finds this particular sheep, he doesn’t just get on with life. ‘He calls his neighbours and friends together and says, Rejoice with me.’ He shares his joy with anyone who will listen and probably those who don’t even want to know.

Then we read of the woman who loses one of her ten silver coins. She searches everywhere earnestly until she finds it. Then she doesn’t return to her days work, no, she tells her neighbours ‘ Rejoice with me, I have found my lost coin.’ She shares her joy at finding the coin.

Then there is the lost son. Daily the father looks for his son’s return. When it happens he throws a party, We are told , so they began to celebrate. He didn’t quietly return to his normal life. He celebrates, wines and dines with neighbours and friends. He shares his joy.

It made me think about myself. Like the shepherd, woman and father I have reason to rejoice. Jesus has died and saved me from my sins. Am I going to keep that good news to myself? Am I going to be embarrassed and shy, not telling others. Sadly that is sometimes the case. But I need to rejoice and share. That really is what I’m doing this morning. I know this message goes round the world. So I’m rejoice with me, Jesus has saved my sins.