Struggling Lamb

One night when I had difficulty in sleeping, I imagined Jesus holding me in His arm as a poor battered lamb. But I wasn’t just lying there passively, I was struggling. It is sometimes like that when we hold a kitten, a puppy or even a baby. They are not content in the safe arms; they want to struggle away and go somewhere which is not safe for them. I was like that with Jesus. I wanted to do my own thing and go my own way.

It wasn’t just during that night that I was being difficult. All during life I haven’t wanted to settle down safely in God’s way. I’ve wanted to do my own thing. The grass on the other side has been greener. I know where safety lies, but it hasn’t always been attractive to me. During that sleepless night this was a message to me. I mustn’t go my own way; I mustn’t do my own thing. I long life has taught me that I am not the best judge of decisions.

Why am I so perverse? I know that God knows best; I have proved it again and again. I pray that I may stop being a struggling lamb but may become an obedient one. Therein lies safety and freedom.