Share God

A great sermon the other day on the subject of sharing God. Based on Deuteronomy 6, it was explained that this book is not a list of rules but a series of sermons. That makes it more palatable. How do we share God? It is like making a cup of tea. We all do it differently. Do we use tea bags or a tea-pot, do we have milk, put in first or second? Do we use a cup or mug (only use a saucer if you’re a cat!) Sugar, sweeteners or no sweetening? That’s about a dozen different ways.

Three basic things we need for sharing the gospel. Firstly we need knowledge. We need to study the Bible more and more, we will never know it all or come to the end of it. Then we need a love of God. Head knowledge is no good. Heart knowledge is necessary, deeper and deeper. Finally we need to know what our gifts are. We will never know everything and sometimes we need to confess that. Our strengths might be the written word, the spoken word, praying, or listening.

One phrase struck me ‘Our circle of influence is smaller than our circle of concern.’