That First Step

Moses was tending his sheep when he saw a bush which was on fire but was not consumed. He was curious, by any standards this was unusual. He stopped in his tracks and walked towards the bush. Moses had to take that first step. If he had passed by the story of the Israelites would have been very different.

David faced Goliath. Having discarded the very heavy armour and equipping himself with his sling and a few stones, he took his first step towards the giant. As the crowd watched with their hearts in their mouths, with determination he moved in for the kill. He had to take that first step, the rest followed and the story was enacted.

The shepherds were busy minding their sheep. Their night was shaken apart when the angels announced the birth of Jesus in the village below. The shepherds needed to decide what they were going to do and then start walking. Maybe there were some shepherds who were not bothered. What a tremendous miracle they missed. But the obedient shepherds had to take that first step.

We also need to take first steps. We need to write that letter, make that phone call, send that text. We need to take steps to visit the poor and sick and take a step as we hold out the hand of friendship. Each step after the first gets easier.