God’s Timing

God’s timing is perfect; ours is not. Moses was outraged at the way the Egyptians were brutalizing the Israelites. His answer was to lash out and kill. But God knew the situation and would deal with it in His own time. Moses’s action just meant he had to flee and then wait twenty years before it was God’s timing to deal with the situation.

The disciples wanted to call down fire on unresponsive cities but that was not in God’s timing. Justice would be meted out but not when the disciples wanted it. At the end of time there will be full justice.

I have considered having a neighbours Bible meeting in my house. But is it God’s timing? One friend told me that it is a good thing so it must be right to do. It might be good but if it is not God’s timing, it would be wrong. We long for Christ to return again (well, some of the time we do) but it will not be at the time we want but when God wills. God’s timing is perfect; our is not.