The Right Place

In my gardening I’m coming to realise that plants planted in the wrong place won’t thrive. They’ll probably live but they will not give of their best. If the label says plant in a shady place, that is the correct place for that particular plant or flower. Where i am told plant in full sunlight, that is where it needs to be.

In one of my first gardens I had a crescent shaped bed and decided to plant the flowers following the colours of the rainbow. The patch went from full shade at one end to fully exposed sun at the other. I soon discovered that not all red flowers will grow well in the shade and that not all violet coloured flowers will do their best in full sunlight.

I now follow the instructions on the label and my garden is better for it. I suppose we’re the same. We will not thrive in the wrong environment. To do our best we need to be where God has placed us.