I’ve been pleased over the last few days to take part in a national butterfly count in this country. Butterflies are in decline and this survey will record how they are doing. The idea is to sit for fifteen minutes and record every butterfly and moth we see. My sightings were mostly red admirals and cabbage whites but it was a lovely excuse to sit in quiet surroundings and relax.

I have started a wild flower garden though at the moment it is a wild grass garden. This is because the underlying grass was in such a good condition that the wild flowers couldn’t get a hold. We’ve now planted wild flower plug and I live in hopes of a lovely wild flower garden. Maybe it will be next year before it starts to bloom.

When Ii walk out into the garden in the early morning, I disturb dozens of little white moths. Not as beautiful as butterflies but evidence that nature is doing it’s stuff and I’m sure it helps the cycle of nature.