If we trust God, I wonder why we worry. He asks us to trust Him, but we still become anxious. Maybe we take our problems to God and instead of leaving them there, we keep them with us. It’s as if we enjoy worrying. Surely that’s not so. Nor is it usually that we don’t trust God. We do, we sing the words and think we believe them in our hearts. But we don’t join up the dots.

I suppose we can’t do it in our own strength; we need the help of the Holy Spirit. We want to look to God and not the problems. Maybe practice makes it easier. By reading scripture more, we might instil trust in God in our minds. We could be helped by discussing this problem with other Christians. Surely I can’t be the only person who has a problem with worry. As the hymn writer says’ Have we trials and temptations, take it to the Lord in prayer.