Leaking Radiator

As a writer I’m often asked where ideas come from. The answer is anywhere, any time and often for no logical reason. I had been wrestling with writing about ‘redemption’. Although we know what it is, it was proving to be a complex subject.

Then one morning I discovered the radiator in my bathroom was leaking. As I began to mop up the water a thousand thoughts went through my mind. I would ring the plumber, but not too early. Would he be in? Would he be away? Would he be in the Bahamas (though not likely during the pandemic) If I couldn’t get him would the electrician over the road be able to help? (though water and electricity don’t mix) One thought was I must pray. God answered my prayer but not that one.

A sudden idea came to me about redemption and how I could write my article. As I mopped up the excess water, more and more ideas came to me. There is absolutely no connection between redemption and leaking radiators. Even I couldn’t put them together. I think the lesson is that God is everywhere and always listening. Always hearing our prayers and answering in unexpected ways; not when we expect.

The end of the story is that my plumber wasn’t in the Bahamas and the leak was mended the next day. I still wait to see if my article will be accepted by the publisher.