Stained Glass Windows

Some of the most beautiful stained glass windows I’ve ever seem are in Canterbury cathedral The overall intensive impression is a most vivid shade of blue. I used to visit the cathedral just to view the windows. The scenes they depicted are breath-taking beautiful.

When I stood close up I could see that each picture was made up of hundreds of small pieces of jagged glass. Each piece was unremarkable on its own. It was when they were carefully placed together that the complete picture was formed.

How like my life which is a collection of jagged broken pieces. My pieces are envy, aggressiveness, jealousy, selfishness and many other ugly pieces. But I have been forged together by the Master Craftsman to form one beautifully complete picture.

In the stained glass workshop I can imagine the workers choosing and placing each piece carefully to form the very best picture. I can also imagine God working on me and all mankind, fearfully and wonderfully, to make us ready for His use.