Did Zacchaeus suffer from F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out).This is something many of us have been affected by during these last few months. While we have been locked down and isolated has the rest of the world been carrying out without us? In actual fact the world hasn’t been carrying on at all, but we’ve still missed out on significant events – birthdays, a wedding anniversary, graduations, parties and so on.

Jesus would have recognized that Zacchaeus was curious but sympathetic to His cause. He just wanted to catch a glimpse of Him. So often in the Bible there are just occasions. The woman with a bleed just wanted to touch His garment. She hadn’t reckoned on Jesus pointing out her act to everyone around. Those who were sick and suffering just wanted healing. Not only did Jesus call out to Zacchaeus, He also wanted to come into His house. (Oh dear I would have worried that my house might have been untidy or needed dusting.)

When i was about six (three quarters of a century ago) I was given a little book by Joan Gale Thomas entitled ‘If Jesus Came to My house.

If Jesus came to my house and knocked upon the door, I’m sure I’d be more happy than I’d ever been before.

I’d rush downstairs to meet him, the door I’d open wide and I would say to Jesus, Oh won’t You come inside.’

It then goes on to describe the things I’d share with Jesus and proceeds with the verse.

And though He may not visit me as I have wished He would,

yet even so He’ll bless my house if I am kind and good.’

Although I as a little girl could not have Jesus visit me, I could still visit the sick, share my toys and go to His house.