Judging Others

When Samuel went to anoint the next king (1 Samuel 16) he looked on the outward appearances. He was seeking for a strong, virile young man who could lead the nation. God had to remind him not to look on outward appearances. God, as always, was right, the brothers later showed a very petty jealous attitude to David.

We know as Christians that we are not to look on outward appearances, but I wonder if, in spite of ourselves, we still do judge. If a poorly dressed man comes into our church, we have learned to be extra kind to him and not sit him in the lowliest seat. But do we judge and over-compensate? Do we look, judge and then act in the light of our judgement?

I’m reminded again, how ‘human’ we are. This really leads me to think that only God knows how to judge correctly. He can even see our non-judgement and deal with us accordingly.