Two cushions.

Our church leader is always coming up with fascinating illustrations to explain a certain point. One Sunday he placed a large green cushion and a large red cushion on the platform about two feet apart. He asked for a volunteer and there always is one. The green cushion represented the perfect God and the red one us with our sins. The volunteer was asked to jump from the red cushion to the red one. The leader then moved the cushions much further apart, making the gap too large to jump. The thought was that we can’t get from the red cushion (our sinful selves) and the green one, God. The leap is too great. Sin is too much of a barrier.

The leader then produced a large kitchen roll (Jesus) and spread out it out between the cushions. Our volunteer was then able to walk over to the green cushion. Jesus had made the way possible by His death on the cross. I will remember that illustration. I trust the youngsters will too.