My Garden

I want to share with you the love of my garden. I know that personal gardens are very much a British institution and maybe in your part of the world they do not feature so much. My garden is not very large but quite large enough for me to cope with. I have been known to say that in the 15 years I have been living here it has grown is size. (What has actually happened is that it has stayed the same dimensions but my strength has diminished.)

I’m not very skilled at gardening; I just dig a little hole and pop the plants in. With the help of the sun, rain and the Lord, things grow. I’m a flower gardener, not a veg gardener. Though I do have two small apple trees and some soft fruit bushes. And of course, plenty of flowers.

My small space gives me great joy, especially during the months when we were locked down. On cold days like today I have to wrap up well but I always feel better from having a stint out there with the birds singing and the wind rustling the leaves.