I waited two days for a parcel to be delivered. It was something I very much needed and was excited to be receiving it.

For some reason it made me think of the Israelites. They had forty years wandering, waiting to get into the Promised Land. Then they had the wait for the Messiah. False messiahs arrived but not the One they were waiting for. In many cases they are still waiting, even after over two thousand years.

We live in an ‘instant society’. We want everything now or even sooner. The Bible tells us ‘Wait for the Lord.’ Ps 27:14, ‘I wait for the Lord, my soul waits’ Ps 130:5, ‘Blessed are all who wait for Him’ Isaiah 30:18 ‘. ‘While we wait for the blessed hope.’

By the way, my parcel never did arrive; I had to order all over again.