I went round to my friend’s house the other afternoon to watch an important football match. There were two people supporting my team and seven supporting the opposition. That didn’t matter because we won. But what struck me was the our enthusiasm as we shouted, yelled and punched our fists in the air.

On reflection I wondered if our enthusiasm for our Lord is as great. Do we shout our message from the rooftops. Maybe it’s not quite the done thing and it might cause offence instead of a following for the Lord. But we can metaphorically shout from the rooftops. We can prayer fervently (a lovely word, not much used now) and continuously be in a mindset of communication with God. We can show God’s love and kindness, by gong the extra mile.

We don’t want to be like the Laodicians who were neither hot nor cold or like the Ephesians who abandoned the love they had at first.