My Rock

This year, whenever I have wished someone a happy 2022 they reply ‘I hope it will be better than last year.’ They have a point. We have been restricted, bereaved and battered. Many of the things which have made life worthwhile have been snatched from us. We can no longer trust the news or what we are told. New hardships are faced daily. No wonder people hope that this new year will herald a better year.

While I have only suffered to a moderate degree, I still ask myself, what can I reply on? The answer is my God. He is my Rock. He doesn’t fluctuate from day to day. He doesn’t tell lies. He doesn’t let me down. He has been utterly reliable the whole of my life. Although I share this good news with my friends, they often don’t believe me. I do so wish they did.

My prayer for 2022 is that all my friends and acquaintances may believe in the power of God. If every Christian in the world wished this for their friends and acquaintances, 2022 would indeed be a better world.