We are obsessed with time. Limited time to do what we want? We will never get through all our tasks. Time going slow when we are waiting for something good or bad to happen. How many sleeps do children have before the next exciting event? Our days are time obsessed. We check the time a hundred times a day; foolish really because it won’t go any faster or slower. Time has been controlled by God since ‘time again.’

Our new year, 2022, is marked by resolutions, some broken already. What will this year bring? How many shopping days until next Christmas? Perish the thought. We re told in Psalm 31 that our times are in God’s hands; thank goodness for that.

Can we imagine a time when time will be no more? There will be no time, just eternity. God was in past time, He is in present time and He will be in future time, whatever that will look like.