God Is Love

The small mission church was situated near my home as I was growing up. Being on the junction of two roads it was in a prominent position. Over the doorway in bold letters were the words ‘GOD IS LOVE.’ As a child I never gave much thought to what it meant. I would arrange to meet my friends. ‘We’ll meet outside God is love’ I would say. The bus conductors (yes, we had them in those days!) knew its name. ‘Anyone for God is love,’ they would yell.

Its only looking back that I realise, yes, God is love. In those far off days did anyone think about what it meant? The sign was there as a witness, but did anyone relish the words? God is definitely love but He is also a God of justice. We are so human that we can emphasize one facet and ignore the other. Because He is love, He can do justice. Because He is justice, He can do love. The two go hand in hand.

We deserve God’s justice; we don’t deserve His love, It can’t be earned; it is a gift. Our small part is to accept His love and sacrifice so we can escape His justice.