It is Well with my Soul

You know what it’s like. You sing a hymn or song on Sunday and then it plays in your head all through the week. That’s what happened with this hymn and I am playing the words again and again in my head. The author of the words had , Horatio Spafford, having heard of the drowning of his four daughters, was then able to pen these words. In spite of the terrible tragedy he was able to say – It is well with my soul. Many of us would find that hard.

It states quite clearly in the Bible that we will experience trouble in this world. As a young person I blocked out that thought. I was a Christian, I wasn’t going to have trouble. I was going to make a great success of my life. But as the years have rolled by, there have been troubles for me, though not to the extent that Spafford suffered. But the troubles are only one side of the story. In my troubles great and small, God has been by my side. He has never left me, although on many occasions I have shuffled away from Him. There have also been many blessings and joys. Indeed, it is well with my soul.