I’ve Recorded It.

I keep a perpetual diary and every year record the date I saw my first snowdrop, crocus and daffodil. I used to record the first cuckoo I heard each year but sadly that no longer happens.

On 27th January this year I saw my first snowdrops. What a sight to behold. There was half a gale blowing and I was frozen but there they were, white, upright and brave. Although they were very small they were a promise of things to come. I’m sure God has given them to us at this time of year to cheer us up and promise that the cold, dark days are nearly over.

As a matter of only a little interest the first sighting in my county was on the 17th January in 2017 and the last on 9th February 2011. I don’t think you can read anything into that. But God does keep His promises.