Hallelujah, He is Risen

Easter Sunday has come. Christ is risen. As an advert for a certain sweet says ‘Now it all makes sense.’ The suffering and death of Jesus makes sense. Sin and death have been conquered; not just in our lives as Christians but for the whole world, for all time. That should make us of all men (and women) most happy.

Since that first Easter Sunday there has been hope, there has been purpose in life. No longer is the grave our destination. Our hearts sing and we are happy. But we so long for everyone to grasp the truth, to know the power of sins forgiven. Christians should sing and dance all day long, but then we remember our unbelieving family, friends and neighbours. We stop our singing and pause in our dance.

As we return from the mountain top into the valley and plains, we pray that the Lord may be able to use our testimony as we go about our daily lives, that others may see our hope and want it for themselves. That is our prayer this Easter Tuesday.