Who Am I?

I often ask myself this question. Who am I? What use am I to anyone? Then I remember I’m the daughter of a King. I am worthy of the King of Kings dying for my sins. He died for you as well. You are worthy.

When Moses asked God, ‘Who am I?’ he was given the commission to lead a nation. Fortunately your and my command is far less daunting than that! But we are still called on to listen and obey. There are tasks that God wants us to do today; there are jobs for us tomorrow. Nations won’t flounder if we ignore God but the Kingdom of God will be poorer and our lives will be less worthy. If He knows the demise of a sparrow, He will certainly notice our reluctance. Who are we? We are ambassadors of the King of Kings. As Isaiah said, may we say ‘Here am I, send me.’