Who Am I?

I’m the person who has failed in many areas of my life, in relationships, in career, exams, financially and so on. It seems to be a human characteristic of mankind to concentrate on what we haven’t achieved. The latest generation tries to overcome this trait by exalting themselves and believing they are marvellous and can do anything. Neither attitude is healthy or accurate.

But I remember God’s love, not my failure, defines me. I’m the son or daughter of a King. I was and am so loved that Jesus died for me. I have a place ready for me in heaven. That doesn’t sound like failure to me; it shouts of success.

Yes, here on earth, things often so wrong and we get it wrong and life is not as we would wish. But God has it sorted. So as I say, God’s love, not my failure, defines who I am. God’s love, not your failure, defines who you are.