Anxiously Waiting

I can just imagine Jairus standing right on the shoreline, watching for Jesus’s boat drawing nearer and nearer. In his desire to be the first to speak to Jesus his feet were probably in the water. His daughter was dying, he needed to be the first to speak to Jesus. He achieves his objective and makes his request made known to the Healer. Then calamity, Jesus gets side-tracked. He stops to talk to a poor sick woman. The delay was desperate; she was only a woman anyway and his daughter needed help as soon as possible.

Then came the shattering news; his beloved daughter was dead. Did those few minutes make any difference? In a rational state Jairus would know that the time spent healing the woman made no difference. Did he gleam a fragment of hope as Jesus proved once again that he was the Healer? This is a story with a happy ending. The delay made the miracle greater. Our God is a God of perfect timing.