For most people this is probably the favourite time of the year. The mornings are lighter and dusk is later each day. Spring flowers are appearing everywhere. In my garden the snowdrops have been out for weeks, the crocuses, yellow and mauve, are well into bloom and daffodils are poking up their heads ready to flower.

In the midst of the struggles of life it is easy to forget God’s many gifts to us. The sound of the dawn chorus can lift our spirits above our worries and burdens. The slight warmth of the sun on our faces can remind us of God and give us hope. The smile or a friend or even a stranger can lessen the load we carry.

I know that not everyone can see hope at this time of years. There are those who mourn, those who are sick or in pain. Others are living in a war zone. God will send His own special gifts to these people, if only they are able to look for them.